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The first book produced artesanalmente for the swellings, " Just in Time ", printed paper one to one, with the customer's name in the layer and a dedication in the first leaf (when it is of present), totally personalized.

A philosophical political fiction, in 240 pages; you will rediscover a new country, where everything is different and practical; from the demarcation of the time, where the alphatime is detailed, until a new diet based on the alphacalendar. Polemic subjects of the present time, as unemployment, safety, sexual education, health, distribution of wealth through you readjust salary above the inflation and a lot other problems, they are been in a different and entertaining way, where the rights are respected; since the individuals participate in the 7 social entities (religious person, in favor, syndical, educational, cultural, social and lazer). 

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Will it be that Nostradamus got right in the forecasts? In the fourth day of the seventh month of 1999, the first reader (out the author and the reviewer) he finished reading this book. On August 11, 1999 it was concluded its final revision and editoração. On this day a copy was guided for the registration in the Foundation National Library. A polemic book, that shows through an utopian history, as a new system was created of marking the time, a method servant for the author there are some years, with the objective of facilitating the rastreabilidade in the processes logísticos of the companies. With 2 digits the time is marked accurately of 1 minute in a 56 year-old horizon (1 digit to mark the date, identifying until the day of the week, and the other mark the minute, in a horizon of one week). in the first chapters, the reader will find a fictitious history regarding the creation in the new way of marking the time, with all the ingredients (love, ventures, theories and, mainly, forecasts of the end of the times), everything happened there is more than 300 years; then the reader will be informed regarding the current moment: the author shows the historical coincidences that the world lived to each millennium turning (since the man began to mark the time 5500 years ago approximately), and, certainly, he is living in this new turning. Many polemic subjects are been in an entertaining and very different way: the globalização, the end of the times, theory of the creativity, political system, electoral system, capitalism, communism, education system, vocation, culture, system of health, sport, exercises and diets, medium life 112 years old, system of safety, criminals' recovery, sexual education, religion, the godfathers' importance, family, the humanity's true mission in the Earth, as to take advantage of the time better, traffic without congestionamento, industry and trade, bug of the millennium, logistics systems, managerial administration, productive maintenance, unions, professional training, progressive retirement, end of the unemployment, reforms agrarian, agriculture, the respect to the ecology and the main; everything this interlinked for a new bank system that simplifies the current tributary system and it guarantees the whole education, health and free safety.

To homage Curitiba virtually, where it was written this book, and Porto Seguro commemorating the 500 years of Brazil, the author found a meridian at 39o 5 ' greenwich west (that passes for the center of Antártida and for the magnetic South Pole to see map), as reference this new way of marking the time (mainly in the Internet).

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