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Do you whant to know all the evolution of the calendars?


In the alphatime® the calendar Gregoriano; that it is the calendar Juliano altered by the Papa Gregório XIII in 1582, the year 52 more alphasemanas was divided a last day the $(when bissexto will have 2 $of different colors); the first week represented by the letter " the " lower case will always begin in 1/Janeiro and it will finish in 7/Janeiro; the second week " A " capital letter, will always begin on the 8/01 and it will finish in 14/01; in this way, each letter; lower case and capital letter will represent one week; up to 30/12 (when it goes bissexto it will be up to 29/12), later the comes $; representing the last day of the year; the day of the annual swinging (when it goes leap year, there will be 2 days represented by the $ in the respective colors of the days).


To differentiate the days of the week in computer science systems with a certain easiness, it was established 7 different colors; these colors will always be corresponding to the respective days, Monday = black, Tuesday = brown, Wednesday = green, Thursday = red, Friday = orange, Saturday = blue and Sunday = yellow; this way it is gotten to decrease the number of digits in processes that involve historic and to simplify the lay-out of a lot of screens of systems and reports.


The calendar has a great advantage, for using letters, it does with that children and illiterate adults start to have more contact with the alphabet, helping in the literacy process, since daily there will be the contact with an alphacalendar (perhaps even with a websclock®).


Another advantage is the process of calculation of dates; to know in that day of the week dropped or he/she will fall any date, just understanding the logic of the alphacalendar® (as described in the book it was of the Adolescence it was of the Love), who was born in the second day of the week B, he/she will always make birthday in the second day of the week B, former.: 01/05/1500 if regredirmos in the in accordance time the current calendar, dropped on one Tuesday, and not on one Friday as he/she says the letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha; first it is calculated in that day each century end began; 2000 began on one Saturday it is bissexto, 1900 began on one Monday, 1800 began on one Wednesday, 1700 began again in one Friday and 1600 it began on one Saturday and it was bissexto, therefore 1500 began on one Monday and it was not bissexto, to the we distribute the days starting from 01/01/1500 that it was second we will conclude that 01/05 will always be the second day of the week i (i lower case); in this case Tuesday, the difference in the date registered by Caminha in its letter, is in the modification of the calendar Juliano for Gregoriano in 1582.


The calendar can also be used in stock administration where a form of material estocar is used in areas demarcated through colors, corresponding to the day of use of the respective materials, this way just in the visual, it is easy to locate possible excesses of stocks and wastes of resources.

Until a diet totally natural it was created, COLOR SLIM is an alimentary reeducação where gets lost + 10kg a month and it guarantees the good form, staying the new weight. Obeying the respective colors of the alphacalendar, this diet was idealized and it is being approved, could get lost many kg a month playing and without passing hunger or will of eating certain victuals, you can eat that delicious red meat, that polenta or potato fry the will (as described in the book) just eating victuals of corresponding natural colors the color of the day of the week and using victuals of the white color (natural) as joker in the days that to lack food of the correct natural color.


With the turning of the millennium, he/she makes himself necessary a new proposal of writing down the time, the world globalizado needs a more precise tool than it facilitates the accounting of companies, through a practical form (with smaller number of digits) simple and efficient, that it distributes the days in a the same way, doing with that given statistical of a period (month, two months, quarter and semester) they are really comparable, with numbers of the same days, and that each date is coincident in every year (former. the sixth day of the week " X " will always be the sixth day of the week " X ", only varying accordingly the colors the standard alphatime, being avoided like this religious conflicts), the new calendar would be introduced slowly, being disclosed together with the gregoriano, so that the people learn the new method slowly.


The proposal to mark the years, is of also using the alphabetical form, as described in the book it was of the Adolescence it was of the Love, where the calendar was called CS "; because when scoring the years; he/she repeated the letters C and S in the form Ç and $, perfazendo-if a total of 28 letters capital letters (A,B,C,Ç,D,... ..Z and $), being successively these letters writings in the underlined normal, normal forms, boldface and underlined boldface (this last form will always represent the leap year).


An alphabetical century will be composed by 112 years (28x4 as described above) and in the last year of the alphabetical century, the $, it won't be leap year; to correct the position of the earth partially in relation to the sun. Every alphabetical century will be written down in a color it specifies, according to the colors of the calendar alphatime; the first 112 years in the black color, later brown, until the seventh century that will represent the years 2673 to for 2784; and in this last one the $(in underlined boldface and in the yellow color), there will be leap year to correct the defasagem of the earth totally in relation to the sun, turning this new precise model; without the defasagem of 1 day, that will happen after begun 3333,3 years the calendar gregoriano (15/10/1582); that is the same to the universal calendar, in study in UN since 1946. After the end of every seventh century he/she/it begins to write down the new period using a form of different source; as the book will be 7 sources different perfazendo a 5488 year-old total; called of it was. The first was it finished now in 2000 that it marked the 5488 years since the beginning of the demarcation of the time, where the man began to use the shade to locate in the day (+5500). In 2001 a new one began it was, the Era of the Love, where the man after learning as an Adolescent, it will develop in the social and spiritual plan as never before.

You that to know all the evolution of the calendars?

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